Many colleagues, collaborators and friends make for successful teams and projects. This is a partial list. We will be adding more soon!


Han-Lim Choi KAIST Co-Investigator Cooperative Sensing
Kerry Emanuel MIT Co-Investigator Atmospheric Science
Jonathan How MIT Co-Investigator Planning and Control
Sai Ravela MIT Principal Investigator Estimation and Inference
Joaquin Salas CICATA-IPN Co-Investigator Experimental Systems Science

Research Staff

Piyush Tagade, MIT- Senior Personnel (Computational Theory)

Jeffery Castillo, MIT- Aeromodel Identification & Testing

Shanelle Clark, MIT- Self-Tuning Autopilot

Baruc Rosa Flores, CICATA-IPN- Launcher, RTK

Ruben Garcia, CICATA-IPN- Computational Vision, Telemetry

Jung-Su Ha, KAIST- Cooperative Planning

Su-Jin Lee, KAIST- Cooperative Planning

Nicholas Roberts, MIT- Aircraft Structures

Katelyn Wolfenberger, MIT- UAS/Sloop

Emily Yang, MIT- Perch Control and Short-Field Landing


William Blackwell, Lincoln Laboratory

Geoff Bland, NASA

Rushan Gao, NOAA

Dave Pieri, NASA

Istvan Sleder, E5 Aerospace (Communication)

Randy Westlund, E5 Aerospace (Communication)

Earle Williams, Lincoln Laboratory

Marilyn Wolfson, Lincoln Laboratory


Andres Castro, Project Assistant (Mechatronics)