✈ C A O S at M I T ✈

 QRO Testflight

A brave launcher!
Modified X8 => S9T Hud in a goggle!    

 ✈ The Co-Active Autonomous Observing Systems (CAOS) research collaborative develops technology that informatively couple theory, analogs, data, and experts for optimal observation of non-stationary environments.  We use a variety of  autonomous instrumentats but the general principles of Co-Active Systems Theory (CoAST) for optimal inference apply broadly to estimation, control, learning and decision-making for non-stationary stochastic processes.


Within this thematic area, the projects include:

  • Fluid SLAM: A project to study coherent   atmospheric phenomena -- fronts, volcanoes, clouds for natural hazard and climate research. We show how small Unmanned Aircraft Systems can be efficiently employed to study physical scales up to 100 kilometers and a few hours at very low cost. 
  • Wings Over Wildlife (WoW): A project aimed at animal tracking and remote identification using novel path planning and controls.
  • Stratoro Dynastat: A project aimed as a  new climate and natural hazard observatory in the stratosphere. The Dynastat is steerable, reusable, and presents a new paradigm for sustainable persistent observation of the earth for natural hazards and climate. 
  • ExoSpotter: Detecting small exoplanets
  • Stealth Navigation: Planning and Behaviors -- 

 ✈ Our research encompasses theory, methodology and experiment. It is interdisciplinary in nature, demanding practice in the fields of Aeronautics, Computer Vision, Robotics, Meteorology and Machine Learning. Apply today if you are interested!