Developmental Flights

August 31, 2013

Anyone into flying in the real world will tell you that all the beautiful "flying shots" are typically preceded by much preparation and numerous "uhoh" moments. Here, a few of our own...



Like this one...

That's why we use foamies...




We've had such fun so far in  "the process" that we thought putting some photos and videos of the developmental work wouldn't be such a bad idea....enjoy!


Up to 1700m here (forget the takeoff and instead tell us: nice save!):



Launcher is probably wiser:



Wonderful if all landings were like this!

And some good to go shots!

Looks wonderful!

Needs a grip to launch!

And off goes Salvatierra-A (Sierra Alpha)!


 A lot of detail

Lots, really, is needed!

Good launch, Baruc?



Sierra Alpha is back!
can you see it!

Time to sample!