Adaptive Control Experiments and Flight Tests 4-3-21

April 4, 2021


Adaptive Control Experiments and Flight Tests (ACEFiT) 

E. Yamaguchi1, A. AlShareef1, A. Goel2, S. Ravela1, and D. Bernstein2

1 Earth Signals and Systems Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan

Test: 4/3/21 @ 1630hrs - 1930hrs 

Important: Refer to dropbox for system log (4-3).



Flight summary: Three flights.

  • Flight 1: A strange mode glitch emerged after a smooth take off and hold approximately 200AGL SE of the field (we suspect the new towers northside), which led to a strange path at altitude (high winds contributed), however, the aircraft successfully returned to flight field limits, with (Jimmy) spotting in his minivan. RCAC turned on and off. 

  • Flight 2: A short in-field back and forth, turns and figure eights exercising RCAC from takeoff itself. 

Issues and comments

  1. Data Comm is still intermittent
  2. Landing gear breaks in ~5 flights.
  3. Airspeed sensor still not reliable.
  4. Not enough elevator control authority, increase moment arm.
  5. Aicraft oscillations when transitioning (to and from) RCAC. 
  6. Next step: RCAC roll stress test with turns around a point, figure eight and chandelle.